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Publications (구성원의 논문목록)

**Top journal(분야 최우수 저널)

*10% SCIE journal(분야 상위저널)

Toxic effects of fragmented polyethylene terephthalate particles on the marine rotifer Brachionus koreanus: Based on ingestion and egestion assay, in vivo toxicity test, and multi-omics analysis

JW Yoo, JS Park, YH Lee, TJ Choi, CB Kim, TY Jeong, CH Kim, TH Kim, YM Lee

Journal of Hazardous Materials*, 134448, 2024 (IF:14.2)

Fungal Microbiome of Alive and Dead Korean Fir in its Native Habitats

YH You, JM Park, YB Ku, TY Jeong, K Lim, JH Shin, JS Kim, JW Hong

Mycobiology, 1-17, 2024 (IF:1.9)

Machine learning-based water quality prediction using octennial in-situ Daphnia magna biological early warning system data
H Jeong, S Park, B Choi, CS Yu, JY Hong, TY Jeong, KH Cho
Journal of Hazardous Materials*, 133196, 2023 (IF:14.2)

Transcriptome and computational approaches highlighting the molecular regulation of Zacco platypus induced by mesocosm exposure to common disinfectant chlorine

TY Suman, SY Kim, DH Yeom, Y Jang, TY Jeong, J Jeon

Chemosphere, 137989, 2023 (IF:8.9)

Metabolomic analysis of combined exposure to microplastics and methylmercury in the brackish water flea Diaphanosoma celebensis

JW Yoo, HJ Bae, MJ Jeon, TY Jeong, YM Lee

Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 1-16, 2022 (IF:4.9)

Application of jetventurimixer for developing low-energy-demand and highly efficient aeration process of wastewater treatment

B Choi, TY Jeong, S Lee

Heliyon, e11096, 2022 (IF:3.8)

Metabolomic analysis predicted changes in growth rate in Daphnia magna exposed to acetaminophen

E Lari, TY Jeong, LM Labine, MJ Simpson

Aquatic Toxicology *, 106233, 2022 (IF:5.2)

Pyrolytic Remediation and Ecotoxicity Assessment of Fuel-Oil-Contaminated Soil

B Choi, JS Yu, GY Kang, TY Jeong, EH Jho, SJ Lee

Toxics, 245, 2022 (IF:4.5)

Metabolic responses of the water flea (Daphnia magna) to individual contaminants and mixtures in presence of dissolved organic matter

EAO Pereira, V Kovacevic, TY Jeong, MJ Simpson

Applied Environmental Metabolomics, 259-271, 2022 (Book chapter)

Antioxidant enzyme activity in Daphnia magna under microscopic observation and shed carapace length as an alternative growth endpoint

EH Kim, JA Jeong, EK Choi, TY Jeong

Science of The Total Environment *, 148771, 2021 (IF:7.9)

Endocrine Disruptor Exposure Causes Infochemical Dysregulation and an Ecological Cascade from Zooplankton to Algae

TY Jeong, MJ Simpson

Environmental Science & Technology**, 3845-3854, 2021 (IF: 9.0)


Reproduction stage specific dysregulation of Daphnia magna metabolites as an early indicator of reproductive endocrine disruption

TY Jeong, MJ Simpson

Water Research**, 116107, 2020 (IF: 11.2)

Time-dependent biomolecular responses and bioaccumulation of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) in Daphnia magna

TY Jeong, MJ Simpson

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part D: Genomics and Proteomics, 100701, 2020 (IF: 2.6)

<Published before Sep. 1st 2020, opening our lab> 

Targeting the Lowest Concentration of a Toxin that Induces a Detectable Metabolic Response in living Organisms: Time Resolved In vivo 2D NMR During a Concentration Ramp

D Lane, .... TY Jeong, AJ Simpson

Analytical chemistry, 2020 (IF:6.9)

Daphnia magna metabolic profiling as a promising water quality parameter for the biological early warning system

TY Jeong, MJ Simpson

Water research** 166, 115033, 2019 (IF: 11.2)

Understanding the Fate of Environmental Chemicals Inside Living Organisms: NMR-Based 13C Isotopic Suppression Selects Only the Molecule of Interest within 13C-Enriched Organisms

D Lane, .... TY Jeong, AJ Simpson

Analytical Chemistry 91 (23), 15000-15008, 2019 (IF: 6.9)

Reproduction Stage Differentiates the Time-Course Regulation of Metabolites in Daphnia magna

TY Jeong, MJ Simpson

Environmental Science & Technology** 53 (21), 12764-12773, 2019 (IF: 9.0)

Comparative microbial communities in tidal flats sediment on Incheon, South Korea

HJ Choi, TY Jeong, H Yoon, BY Oh, YS Han, MJ Hur, S Kang, JG Kim

The Journal of general and applied microbiology 64, 232-239, 2018 (IF: 1.4)

Effect of β-adrenergic receptor agents on cardiac structure and function and whole-body gene expression in Daphnia magna

TY Jeong, J Asselman, KAC De Schamphelaere, ... SD Kim

Environmental Pollution* 241, 869-878, 2018 (IF: 8.0)

Profiling the decomposition products of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) irradiated using an electron beam

TH Kim, S Yu, Y Choi, TY Jeong, SD Kim

Science of The Total Environment 631, 1295-1303, 2018 (IF:7.9)

Mode of action characterization for adverse effect of propranolol in Daphnia magna based on behavior and physiology monitoring and metabolite profiling

TY Jeong, D Yoon, S Kim, HY Kim, SD Kim

Environmental Pollution* 233, 99-108, 2018 (IF:8.0)

Sorption of nitro explosives to polymer/biomass-derived biochar

SY Oh, YD Seo, TY Jeong, SD Kim

Journal of Environmental Quality 47 (2), 353-360, 2018 (IF:2.7)

Multigenerational effects of the antibiotic tetracycline on transcriptional responses of Daphnia magna and its relationship to higher levels of biological organizations

HY Kim, J Asselman, TY Jeong, S Yu, KAC De Schamphelaere, SD Kim

Environmental science & technology** 51 (21), 12898-12907, 2017 (IF:9.0)

Multigenerational effect of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) on the individual fitness and population growth of Daphnia magna

TY Jeong, MS Yuk, J Jeon, SD Kim

Science of The Total Environment 569, 1553-1560, 2016 (IF:7.9)

Bioaccumulation and biotransformation of the beta-blocker propranolol in multigenerational exposure to Daphnia magna

TY Jeong, TH Kim, SD Kim

Environmental Pollution* 216, 811-818, 2016 (IF:8.0)

Sorption and toxicity reduction of pharmaceutically active compounds and endocrine disrupting chemicals in the presence of colloidal humic acid

I Kim, HD Kim, TY Jeong, SD Kim

Water Science and Technology 74 (4), 904-913, 2016 (IF:1.9)

Determination of conjugated estrogens in human urine using carrier-mediated hollow-fiber liquid phase microextraction and LC-MS/MS

HY Kim, SH Yoon, TY Jeong, S Yu, SD Kim

Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (34), 16024-16033, 2016 (IF:1.2)

Reduction and persulfate oxidation of nitro explosives in contaminated soils using Fe-bearing materials

SY Oh, HS Yoon, TY Jeong, SD Kim, DW Kim

Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 18 (7), 863-871, 2016 (IF:4.2)

Evaluation of remediation processes for explosive‐contaminated soils: kinetics and Microtox® bioassay

SY Oh, HS Yoon, TY Jeong, SD Kim

Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 91 (4), 928-937, 2016 (IF:3.1)

Application of toxicity identification evaluation procedure to toxic industrial effluent in South Korea

JS Ra, TY Jeong, SH Lee, SD Kim

Chemosphere 143, 71-77, 2016 (IF:7.0)

Multi-generational effects of propranolol on Daphnia magna at different environmental concentrations

TY Jeong, HY Kim, SD Kim

Environmental Pollution* 206, 188-194, 2015 (IF:8.0)

Relationship between trans-generational effects of tetracycline on Daphnia magna at the physiological and whole organism level

HY Kim, S Yu, T Jeong, SD Kim

Environmental pollution* 191, 111-118, 2014 (IF:8.0)

Development and evaluation of new behavioral indexes for a biological early warning system using Daphnia magna

TY Jeong, J Jeon, SD Kim

Drinking Water Engineering and Science 7 (1), 1, 2014 (Non-SCI)

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